Machine Maintenance Technician iso

We are seeking a Machine Maintenance Technician. Top pay and great benefits within a 250 employee plant, that is just one of the company's 15 U.S. locations.
The 260,000 sq. ft. plant primarily has large and mid-sized stamping equipment, and robotic welders. As well has large overhead cranes and other material handling equipment. The position is open both due to a retirement and recent growth. Excellent management support team, processes, and ISO plus Lean quality compliance.
The machine maintenance tech will be require to keep all equipment in top condition with minimal supervision. You will be working in support of all plant operations and performing PM work on a regular basis. We're seeking:
Knowledge of automated controls, ability to troubleshoot pneumatic and hydraulic circuits, repair of air compressors, dryers, chillers and any new equipment installations. Install electrical apparatus for control systems, and install maintain and troubleshoot wiring. You must have experience working with high-end electrical, repairing cranes, and rigging cranes from time to time.
Very competitive pay scale. Excellent benefits.
Please apply by submitting your resume. Or call 216-377-6837

Don't Be Fooled

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